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Game FAQs
Do I need a network connection to play?
You need network connection to download the app and to acquire a Hand-Pack. The downloaded Hand-Packs can be played anywhere, anytime, no-connection needed.
I bought Hand-Packs form my iPhone, can I play them from my iPad?
Yes. As long as you keep the same Apple-Id all your purchases can be used on all your iOS devices.
I have a new iOS device, how do I restore all the Hand-Packs I have bought on the old one?
Tap on Settings (on the top right hand side of main screen) and then tap on My Packs: RESTORE.
Can I restore my "First Score"? Why is it retained?
First Score cannot be modified. The First Score reflects player's skill level before they had the opportunity to see the correct moves and the explanations. Therefore, First Score is often used as a matrix for players to compare and evaluate their relative skill level.
Why do I need to restart a Hand-Pack to improve my score and cannot improve it hand by hand?
You can improve you score by restarting a Hand-Pack and playing it over again. Just improving the score hand by hand does not make sense since it would be easy to always make the perfect move.
I need just a few ProCoins to redeem the Bonus Hand-Pack, can I buy ProCoins?
No. You cannot buy ProCoins. You can restart a Hand-Pack to try to accomplish a better "Best Score" or buy a new Hand-Pack to gain more ProCoins.
How do I ask the author a poker strategy question?
Tap on Feedback on the main screen. You will be prompted to send an email to We will forward your question to the pro.
Why can't I "try again" when I play a hand first time?
You cannot "try again" to improve your score. The "try-again" feature intends to enhance learning. We do not think it would be fair to improve score by "trying-again" until one reaches best score.
How can I give you guys some feedback?
Tap on Feedback on the main screen. You will be prompted to send an email to
How do I turn notification on/off?
Tap on Settings at the top right hand side of main screen.
Can I speed up game animation?
Tap on Settings at the top right hand side of main screen.
How do I reload my Hand-Packs without having to repurchase them in the store?
Once you purchase a Hand-Pack it is yours, and you can reload it or load it onto any other device, like your iPad, as long as you sign in with the same Apple ID that you used to buy it. In order to get all your packs at once on your device, go to settings (press the gear button in the top right corner) and then press reload packs. Apple will then ask you for your Apple ID and password in order to identify your account. Reloading your packs will not remember your previous plays or any pro-coins that you have previously earned. If you experience any problems, contact us by sending an email to